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Anthony Richardson talks Billy Napier

Anthony Richardson is undoubtedly a kid who has shown a vast amount of great physical traits on the field, but what is Richardson like off the field? On a recent Gator Collective exclusive episode of 84 Reasons, Richardson spoke out about Billy Napier in a tweet posted by their official Twitter account.

"He's everywhere; he knows almost everyone in the building; he knows where you're from."

Richardson isn't the only player who has spoken out about Billy Napier in a positive light. Thanks to The Gator Collective, many other players have come out on numerous shows and podcasts, and fans have been able to get to know more about them as a person and not just a player. In this Gator Collective exclusive interview, Richardson talks about Billy Napier passing out a sheet to all of the players with all the players' names, positions, and where they are from to get acclimated with their teammates. Once again, Napier is showing how much detail he puts into everything he does around campus and how much he does care for the student-athlete when it comes to being off the field. You can catch this exclusive interview if you are a Gator Collective member on your dashboard. To join the Gator Collective, follow the link below. - Every dollar per month supports the currently enrolled student-athletes under The Gator Collective. Cover photo by Gator Collective

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