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Billy Napier cuts 4 scholarship players from roster

Marcus Burke, Mordecai McDaniel, Fenley Graham, and Chris Thomas Jr. were cut from the Florida Gators football roster today, as reported by Brett DioGuardi and Jacob Rudner of 247sports. This comes from roster cuts to clear the 85-man scholarship limit before fall camp and Phase 6 "Training Camp." Swamp247's article can be found here Billy Napier has been pretty straightforward with what he wants out of his football team. There are no answers to if it was disciplinary, not putting in the work, or just clearly not meeting the standards that Billy has set forth as a team. No other names have been announced, but expect all four players to try and find new homes. Rumors are circling that Marcus Burke could still very well be with the team, but it is reported that he is not at the moment. I will keep you updated if anything has changed.

photo via Sports Illustrated

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