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Jaden Rashada is a must get for Florida's recruiting class

Florida Gator football recruiting has shown signs of life under Billy Napier and the new coaching regime. Napier has demonstrated his ability to recruit with less than a month to spare and no staff fully in place. Now the real challenge comes called "The Bump Class." So far, Billy has re-established The University of Florida's relationship with the prestigious IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, landing five-star prospect Kamari Wilson in the 2022 cycle and having the commitment of Offensive Linemen Knijeah Harris in the fold for the 2023 cycle. But what has Billy Napier had yet to do in the seven months he has been on campus? Recruit an elite quarterback. Billy has had elite quarterbacks visit the University of Florida this cycle but has not seemed to land or pique the interest of a top-level 4 or 5-star quarterback. With Arch Manning eyeing a Florida visit but looking like he is leaning toward Texas or Georgia, Eli Holstein committing to Alabama, Malachi Nelson to USC, Christopher Vizzina to Clemson, and Dante Moore seemingly on the board but looks to be out of the fold. It seemed like Florida was out of the running for a top-level quarterback this cycle until Jaden Rashada, a Pittsburg, California native displayed his interest in the University of Florida.

"I know what coach Napier is capable of as a coach and a quarterback developer. Gainesville is a place that's way better than people can imagine."

Jaden Rashada talked about Florida on " Inside The Gators" official youtube page. The interview can be found here Rashada has since then made his way back to Florida on an official visit from June 7th through June 9th, which will be his last official visit before making his college commitment on June 18th. Rashada's commitment will be critical in Florida's recruiting class for the future, and Florida must seal his commitment in the next few weeks. Suppose Florida does not land the commitment of Jaden Rashada. In that case, it will mean that Billy and staff will either have to revert their attention to quarterback Arch Manning, Dante Moore, or South Carolina lean Dylan Lonergan. Suppose Florida can't land any of these prospects this cycle. In that case, it is slim pickings for the rest of the recruiting process unless they can flip someone's commitment, elect to take a lower-rated quarterback outside of the Top 250, or search for a quarterback from the portal as the year goes on. To say that Rashada's commitment to Florida is vital is an understatement. It is a must need for this class. Recruiting classes in the past have shown that getting an elite quarterback in the fold peaks the interest of other elite talents, especially offensive players who get the ball thrown to them. Jaden Rashada commits to the school of his choice on June 18th, and the predicted hats on the table will be LSU, Oregon, Ole Miss, Miami, Texas A&M, and Florida. Rashada will be a must-have for Florida coming down to the final stretch. Cover photo via

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